If the signs were mythological creatures:
  • Aries: Werewolf
  • Taurus: Hell hound
  • Gemini: Doppelgänger
  • Cancer: Banshee
  • Leo: Fairy
  • Virgo: Angel
  • Libra: Nymph
  • Scorpio: Siren
  • Sagittarius: Ghost
  • Capricorn: Mermaid
  • Aquarius: Vampire
  • Pisces: Shapeshifter

Countdown to WINNER’s debut D-9 WINNER TV Ep. 2

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jaejoong, mr. T.O.P & zico?

TOP, Jaejoong, ZICO

Send Me Three KPOP Idols and I will rank them who I find more attractive

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That time when Raven actually said what most of us want to say to a teacher who picks you for the answer when you clearly don’t know it, for usually no other reason than to embarrass you and make you look stupid. One of the main things I hate and always will hate about school. 

actor Do Kyungsoo for drama It's Okay, That's Love Episode 2

BODONG ship is sailing + Doongwook’s creepy look 

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actor Do Kyungsoo for drama It’s OK That’s Love Episode 1

Zico getting shut down

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CL’s beautiful laugh → for kinkyforjinki

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